The Pastoral Pork Promise

The Pastoral Pork Company has an enduring commitment to ethical and sustainable pig production.

Over 25 years ago, our founding members recognised the value in raising pigs outdoors, driven by the extensive benefits an outdoor system for the animals, and for the planet.

Today, we continue to build on this commitment by implementing modern technologies and strategies which promote superior ethics and sustainability, both on farm and throughout the supply chain.

The Pastoral Pork Company is proud of our promise to provide an unparalleled approach to pig production. By implementing holistic management approaches, our farming operations will be able to continue for generations.

Naturally, pigs like to dig root and wallow in the soil. This is a natural method of cultivation which promotes microbial activity and ultimately increases the nutrient content of the soil. These soil nutrients are then used to grow cereal crops, forming part of an ongoing feed cycle and maintaining the soil nutrient levels in a sustainable equilibrium. Our superior quality pork and bacon products are a testament to the low stress environment and ethical treatment that our pigs receive throughout their lifetime.

Our commitment to ethical and sustainable pig production


Sustainable Land Rotations

Each of the farms operates on a rotational land use system based on the nutritional status of the soil. This approach is conducted in alignment with the nutrient accumulation within the soil at a given time. The rotational system is characterised by a cropping phase and a pig phase. Deliberately timed rotations are essential to maintaining an equilibrium of the soil nutrients. This approach is underpinned by our commitment to sustainable farming practice, ensuring that the quality of the land is improved with each rotation.


Unwavering Commitment to Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is prioritised at each of our farms. Staff undertake industry recognised training which covers the essential handling skills necessary to provide a minimum-stress environment for our pigs. Our enduring commitment to ethical and humane practices also guarantees a higher-quality end product for our customers.


Long-Term Genetic Improvement

The genetics of our breeding herd have been specifically selected to thrive under Australia’s outdoor conditions. One element of genetic improvement has been decreasing the feed conversion rate of our progeny. This means that less feed is required per animal, leading to a significant decrease in feed inputs across our properties. This continued commitment benefits the environment through reduced emissions and reduced energy inputs. 


Locally sourced feed inputs

Tailored natural grain-based diet free from growth promotants and hormones.