Our History

The Pastoral Pork Company was founded on a passion for sustainable and ethical outdoor pig production.

This passion underpins every aspect of our business, from the ethical production decisions on farm through to our commitment to providing premium quality product to our customers.

The Pastoral Pork Company has decades of experience in raising pork sustainably. Established in 1992, the company founders each brought unique skills and experience, and all with a passion for ethically produced pork.

The Pastoral Pork Story


1992 - Pastoral Pork Founded

The Pastoral Pork Company was founded by a group of Australian shareholders passionate abou the pork industry and looking to bring Outdoor Pork Production to Australia. Each of the founding members contributed unique perspecitve and skills to the company ranging from pig production and nutrition, to agricultural engineering and business expertise.


2000 - Otway Pork Brand Est.

 The Otway Pork brand was established, with an aim to refine the connection between our farms and our customers through vertical integration of the company. This allowed our company increased access to foodservice and export markets, along with supermarkets through the development of our value-added products.


2019 - Otway Pork Redesigned

The Otway Pork brand was redesigned to align with our evolving customer base, and connect with the inherent values of our company. We focused our company objectives towards continued growth, along with maintaing an ethica and sustainable production system which aligns with the best interests of our pigs, our company and the greater community. 

The people behind the pork

The connection between our farmers, our pigs, and the land is what makes the Pastoral Pork Company so unique. Our farmers are highly skilled, and committed to providing the highest quality of care to our livestock.

The people on farm play a critical role to animal welfare and ensure that the healthy and productivity of all livestock is maintained to a high standard. Dedication to animal welfare and ethics on farm means that our customers are guaranteed the finest quality pork.



Our farmers are passionate about the pigs and the land, working tirelessly to ensure that everything runs smoothly on a daily basis.


That’s why we trust our farmers to make the daily decisions that are best for our pigs, the land, and for our company.



They see first hand how farming the land can have extensive benefits for environmental sustainability when the system is managed holistically.